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Sparta, TN Green Market

I had another Friday night date in Sparta, TN with my hottie husband. These are new times for us. Our youngest boy got his license a few months ago so now no one needs a ride, or our supervision, or their shoes tied for them…sniff, sniff. The good news is that Friday...

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Hiking to Cummins Falls

Tamara, my sister, had mentioned she had never been to Cummins Falls so we quickly set a time to go. A quick text to my friend, Trisha Mitchell, added her to our escapade. Even though Cummins Falls is not in Sparta, TN or even in White County, it is just one county over and about 45 minutes away. Sparta is accessible to so many quick trips just like this one which is part of what makes it a jewel of a place to live.

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The Swimming Hole at Rock Island

Cade( our 17 year old) was on his way to an out of town high school football game and Coco (our 16 year old) was fishing on the Caney Fork with friends, so it was just Bill and me on a Friday night. We discussed going out to eat (a lot cheaper without our boys) or even a movie but in the end decided on a picnic supper and late afternoon dip at the swimming hole at Rock Island State Park in Sparta, TN (or more accurately, Rock Island is partially situated in White County.)

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Biking Sparta, TN

So I’m not really a master cyclist but I do like to ride my bike. My times are dreadful and I’m not great with changing gears but I love a good hill. I mean going down a good hill. Otherwise I tend to wind up standing and weaving back and forth on my bike (like I did on my little Huffy as a child) as it pushes for the top and my bike nears a standstill. It shouldn’t be like this I know and I’m working on it. At any rate, I decided to go out for a ride…

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Kayaking the Caney Fork River

The house was sprinkled with sleeping teenage boys that morning, on beds, couches, and the floor. I love it when they all come over. However, it was morning and I had a slew of things to do before I met my friend, Margaret Luna and her family for a day of kayaking. And the day was going to be perfect. Hot and sunny with little chance of rain. It was a day meant for indoors with a/c or outside in or near water. I had chosen outside near water. Unfortunately, the rest of my family was otherwise engaged. Bill had a meeting with a new client about building a new home in Sparta, Cade (my 17 year old) had plans with his friends, and I thought Cole (my 16 year old) was going along with Cade and his buddies. So it was just me…

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Virgin Falls – Another Great Reason to Buy a New Home in Sparta

We finally found a day that both my sister and I, and our kids were free. When the blessed day came, we made our escape up Bon Air Mountain, down Eastland Road, and into the Virgin Falls Pocket Wilderness. My husband, Bill, even cleared his schedule to go with us. Even though my sister and her 2 children had never been to Virgin Falls, this was a favorite hike of Bill’s and mine. When we were dating…

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