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To Burgess Falls By Kayak

There are so many reasons to not take this trip to Burgess Falls.  I went last year with Bill, my big buff hubby, who makes everything look easy. At one point, as I was awkwardly fighting the current, wading and stumbling over uneven river rock, my kayak in tow, he...

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Center Hill Lake Saturday

Center Hill Lake is just down the road from Sparta, TN. The great thing, perhaps the best thing, about living in a sweet little town like Sparta, TN is that you know people that occasionally ask you to go to the lake with them. Today is one of those great days.

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Kayak the Calfkiller River

The sun was starting to rise in the Sparta, TN sky luring me outdoors, like a neighborhood kid knocking on the front door asking if I could come out and play. The mother in me said no, I have too much to do. But the sun refused to leave so the kid in me finally won…

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Basketball Culture in Sparta, TN

It was homecoming at Woodland Park Elementary  in Sparta, TN. Representatives from each class (PreK-fifth grade) and fifth grade basketball players and cheerleaders were being recognized. My niece was representing the fourth grade and my nephew was a fifth grade...

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The Blue Hole

The unusually warm November weather propels my sister, Tamara, and I outdoors for a super hip minivan adventure. We decide on hiking The Blue Hole at Rock Island State Park, just over the White County line into Warren County. We don’t even take time to pack a picnic...

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Three Barn Sales in Sparta, TN

It is a girls’ day for us. No guys are invited or even considered. It is a Saturday in fall so football reigns and UT plays at 2:30 so the guys are fully entertained. We, on the other hand, have a lot to accomplish in a small amount of time. There are 3 barn sales...

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